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This is a personal web page showing some projects that I am (or was) involved in. Some projects are very interesting and you may enjoy reading about them for five minutes. Just don't expect elaborate details. You won't find technical specifications on this page.

Personal life

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Two pets of mine, Maksio and Zuzia, they make commotion and demand attention at all times. Sometimes they allow me to take a break and do other stuff...

University projects


Battlestar Galactica: Viper Experience is the 3rd year project we had to do as part of our classes. It is a space fighter simulator in 3D based on .NET/XNA Frameworks where you fly a colononial Viper Mark 2, shooting down enemy fighters and protecting your fleet. Gamepad can be used to play.

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Sudoku solver is the Bachelor's thesis project. You show a paper sudoku puzzle in front of a webcam and then program recognizes the digits and solves it. You are shown the same puzzle back, but after it's solved. Image processing techniques are explained in minute details because after all, this is a BS thesis.

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Cameleonica is a versatile general purpose filesystem that I am currently developing. It is steganographic (offers deniability), cryptographic (offers confidentiality and authenticity), safe (does not break when power goes out) and advanced (has snapshots and such). This is the most impressive project of all, and it's not even done.

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GitHub projects

Cameleonica and other projects, those that are openly available, can be found on GitHub in their respective repositories. Email address is visible on GitHub user page.